We Bring Your Content to Life

Versus makes fandom more fun and rewarding for audiences, which drives engagement, retention and revenue for our partners.

Innovate. Engage. Monetize.

Fueling Fandom

— Versus taps the power of AI to gamify content across entertainment, news,
sports, search, and social, turning passive audience sessions into engaging, interactive experiences.

Our Partners
We Close the Loop

We make sites stickier by giving audiences an outlet to express opinions, thoughts and predictions about the things they love (from TV shows to sports teams to trending stories) – all in real time and without leaving your ecosystem.

Content to Conversation

Our proprietary AI engine, Vivi, delivers interactive content that’s personalized, relevant and contextual – deepening loyalty by giving fans a voice in the

What We Deliver:
An Enhanced User Experience

Longer site stays, repeat visits, daily habits, deeper loyalty and
incremental revenue through our contextual “seamless ads”

We’re what’s next in audience engagement
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