Our proprietary AI platform takes your content and makes it interactive.
The VersusGame platform provides an innovative AI-driven solution to transform this one-way content flow into an interactive experience. Our platform, in real-time, makes your existing content engaging by allowing users to participate actively, rather than passively consuming content with near zero effort from you.
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Make passive content
instantly interactive, increasing
audience engagement.
Secure meaningful user
retention with an entertaining
and ever-evolving playable
content experience.
Drive incremental revenue via our innovative advertising solution
Game categories include:
social media
movies & tv
We empower our partners to bring the best in class, AI powered, interactive content solution to their audience.
VersusGame monetizes intent like no other company has before, powering a multitude of top brands & platforms sites globally with interactive content.
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Embed games into
existing content.

Increase the time your audience spends on your content as players engage with your AI powered interactive content

More reasons
for your audience
to return.

Our AI powered platform updates your content to encourage customer retention. Every time they visit, your audience will be met with new and contextually relevant content to interact with
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