The MiniGames 
Network brings communities together
by gamifying social engagement.
We offer a full MiniGames experience to select companies and brands,
so they can engage their community with interactive gamified content right at their finger tips!
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Make passive content
instantly interactive, increasing
audience engagement.
Secure meaningful user
retention with an entertaining
and ever-evolving playable
content experience.
Reward knowledge and
monetize intent in a fun, natural
way where users are already
spending their time.
Game categories include:
social media
movies & tv
We empower our 
partners to bring the 
best in class gamified 
content solution to 
their audience.
VersusGame monetizes intent like 
no other company has before. 
Thousands of our partners
and clients promote their games 
on their websites and apps.
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Embed games into
existing content.

Increase the time your audience spends 
on your content as players engage 
with your MiniGames.

More reasons
for your audience
to return.

Updated content in MiniGames encourages 
customer retention. Every time they visit, 
your audience will be met with new and 
topical games to play.
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“We are seeing our clients 
incorporate content strategies 
that encourage tune-in to future 
video and audio programming 
and offering creative prizes to 
deepen consumer loyalty.”
JB John-Baptiste President of Business Development